Please Sponsor a Child?

Fixed reference gets about 6000 (unique IP) visitors a day looking for information which we provide for nothing. We do not ask for donations or help. However there are 16 million orphans (we mean neither parent is there to look after them) in the world: AIDS orphans, street kids, war orphans etc. These children have no one else to turn which is why fixed reference asks you to consider sponsoring a child through the world's largest orphan charity, SOS Children. We help others for nothing: we hope someone out there might be prepared to help others too.

Many people sponsor children abroad when their own children are born or start school: it gives the children a real sense of perspective to follow the progress of another little person and know that they are helping through sponsorship. I guess most of us come across the word "sponsor" first when we do a sponsored walk or swim at school.

The SOS form of child sponsorship (which is directly linked to help for a child) is a bit different frmo the norm since they directly give a home and family to the sponsored child.

Of course, not everyone has always thought that is was a good thing to sponsor a child. There was an article in 1982 by Peter Stalker in the New Internationalist objecting strongly to the concept as demeaning and devisory. As has been said elsewhere, differences between ways to sponsor a child mean that many of the objections are specific to a particular charity or practice. This means of course that a donor has some responsibility to find a responsible charity sensitive to the child's best interests (as per the UN convention of the rights of a child: the child's best interest must be a central consideration).

Enough chit-chat:

There is no better time to sponsor a child than NOW!

Go on! So many people say they nearly sponsored a child. How would you feel if your school said they "nearly" looked after your child but never got round to it! The children are there now; their need it great. Please go sponsor just for us.