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Religion is the term for the ideas about the basic structure of the world that people cannot see or know with our other senses, or that scientists cannot study with machines. Religions attempt to answer important but mysterious questions like "Where did the world come from?" and "What happens to us after we die?" When people believe that they have answers to these questions, they often start new religions, or add their new ideas to old religions. Many religions believe in supernatural beings such as spirits, angels, devils, gods, or God, who can influence people and the world. People who teach or write about religion often say that they got their ideas from a supernatural being.

Many religions are very old, but new religions are always being created when some people aren't satisfied with the answers from the old religions. Things which are considered important and good by religions are called sacred or holy. Many religions have sacred books that give the most important ideas and stories of their religions.

Religions usually say how people should behave in order to be happy together or to please God. Many religions believe that people who live in a good way will go to Heaven forever after they die, or that people who live in a bad way will go to Hell. Some religions believe that people will be born again as a new person or as an animal after they die.

Most religions teach people to be good and to help each other, but unfortunately religions also sometimes create problems. This is partly because the questions of religion are so important to people, and because it is difficult to be sure which answers are correct. Many people are unhappy when other people don't agree with their ideas about religion, or when they think that people will cause problems for their religion.

When this happens, people sometimes make wars against people of other religions, or punish people who don't agree with their ideas about religion. This has happened many times throughout history, and continues to happen today.

Many religions build buildings for their people to meet. In different religions, these buildings may be called churches, temples, mosques, or synagogues. Many of these buildings are very old, beautiful, or famous.