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Krishna, was incarnation of lord Vishnu who is considered as the maintainer of the whole universe.

The story of Krishna's birth. King Kansa was ruling over Dwarka (Now in Gujrat state of India). His sister Devaki, married to Vasudev. Kansa was very cruel and was not keeping his people happy. At the time of marriage of Devaki and Vasudev, a voice came from sky that the eighth son of this couple would kill Kansa. Hearing this Kansa kept the couple in prison and started killing their son one by one. At the time of eighth son a miracle happened. The doars of the prison opened automatically and Vasudev took the infant outside it. It was rainig heavily but he managed to take him to Vrundawan (a place) and came back in prison with a newly born girl (daughter of king of Vrundavan). Kansa tried to kill the girl but she slipped from his hand and went to sky. This way Krishna was saved.