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A Walkthrough is a term describing the consideration of a process at an abstract level. The term is often employed in the software industry to describe the process of inspecting algorithms and software code by following paths through the algorithms or code as determined by input conditions and choices made along the way. The purpose of such code walkthroughs is generally to provide assurance of the fitness for purpose of the algorithm or code; and occasionally to assess the competence or output of an individual or team.

Something akin to walkthroughs are used in very many forms of human endeavour since the process is a thought experiment that seeks to determine the likely outcome(s) of an affair based on starting conditions and the effects of decisions taken.

In computer gaming, a walkthrough is a document which attempts to teach a player how to beat or solve a particular video game. Some people consider walkthroughs to be a form of cheating. Walkthroughs are most common for RPG (Role-Playing Game) and Strategy games. Other games usually have a FAQ.