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Tourism in the Czech Republic

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The most popular city in the Czech Republic is the capital city of Prague with its castle, its old town and its waterfront along the Vltava river. Other famous old cities are Brno, Plzeň, Karlovy Vary and the cities of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov located in Southern Bohemia with their romantic medieval city centres. Other attractions include the magnificient gothic cathedral at Kutná Hora, the catacombs at Klatovy, or Sedlec ossuary.

Mountain resorts

In Northern Czech Republic there are resorts for skiing and hiking in Krkonoše mountains, which is part of the Sudeten mounain range. Krkonoše includes the touristical centre of Harrachov.


Moravia is famous for its wine. Especially in Southern Moravia they grow great white wines.


Prague has got an international airport. For travelling within the Czech Republic it is common to use CD's Intercity-trains or overland buses. Roads in the Republic are in good condition and include a highway network. There is good touristic infrastructure in every big city and in the Krkonoše mountain resort.

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