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Timeline of Arda

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This article includes several timelines relating to J.R.R. Tolkien's fiction.

Table of contents
1 Real Events
2 Arda Events
3 Battles
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Real Events

"Sixth and Seventh Ages"

Warning: Plot details follow.

Arda Events

Before the creation of the Sun few dates can be given, and those dates given are in Valinorean Years, which are about a century in length.

Before the creation of Eä

Creation of Arda

c. 5000: Years of the Lamps

(lasted five Ages)

c. 10000: Years of the Trees

(lasted six Ages)

c. 30000: Years of the Sun

From this time on years are of normal length. Events from
Valinor during the Years of the Sun cannot be accurately dated.

First Age

(lasted 583 years)

Second Age

(lasted 3441 years)

Third Age

(lasted 3021 years)

Note on Shire Reckoning: Year 1601 of the Third Age, in which the Shire was founded, is year 1 of the Shire Reckoning. Thus, Third Age years can be converted into their Shire equivalents by deducting 1600.

Fourth Age


First Age

See also Battles of Beleriand.

Second Age

Third Age

End of the World

Other Timelines of Interest

See also

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