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This article is about the city in Germany. For other articles subjects named Stuttgart, see Stuttgart (disambiguation).

Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg state, is located in the center of the densely populated southwestern Mittlerer Neckarraum region of Germany and has an approximate population of 600,000.

The name "Stuttgart" is a corruption of "Stutengarten", in English roughly "mare garden". Stuttgart was originally founded by Duke Luidolf, one of the sons of Otto I the Great, and used for horse breeding.

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Approximately 150,000 companies are located in the Stuttgart region. The area is known for its high-tech industry; some of it's most prominent companies include Daimler-Chrysler, Porsche, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, all of whom located their world or German headquarters here. Infact, the Porsche badge, as seen on the front of Porsche cars has this town's name in the centre the badge, something that is unique amongst the vehicle makers who are based in this town. In addition to these global players the Stuttgart economy consists of many highly versatile and dynamic medium-sized enterprises (the so-called "Mittelstand").

Stuttgart is one of the four automotive capitals of the world, the other three being Toyota (Japan), Detroit (United States) and Turin (Italy).

The region currently has Germany's highest density of scientific, academic and research organisations, and tops the national league for patent applications. More than 11% of all R&D-expenses in the Federal Republic of Germany are generated in the Stuttgart Region (approximately 4.3 billion Euro per year). In addition, the area has six institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, four institutes for collaborative industrial research at local universities, two Max-Planck institutes, as well as one large-scale research centre—the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

Stuttgart holds top place of all European Union regions according to the share of employment in high-tech and medium-high tech manufacturing with a figure of 21.0% (2001 data from Eurostat).

In 2003 there were discussions about changing the name of Stuttgart's international airport to Theodor Heuss Flughafen, but it was decided by the airport's board of directors that the name 'Stuttgart Flughafen' better represents the region of Stuttgart, and is easily understood. The airport is located in the neighboring county of Esslingen in the city Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

People of Stuttgart

Stuttgart is known for its cultural life, in particular the Staatstheater and Staatsgalerie. The Staatstheater contains an opera house and three smaller theaters, where opera, ballet, theatre and concerts are produced. The world-renowned Stuttgart Opera has won the prestigious "Opera of the year" award for five years running (1998-2002). The well-known Stuttgart Ballet is connected to names like John Cranko and Marcia Haydée. Stuttgart is also widely known for its vibrant night life, places like the Zapata(one of europes finest salsa locations) and the M1(a houseclub said to have the best soundsystem in Europe) have an excellent reputation reaching far beyond Germany. The city also has a reputation for organizing major sports events. It hosted the athletics world championships in 1993, and will be one of the twelve hosts of the soccer world championship in 2006.

Stuttgart's Swabian cuisine, beer and wine (produced in the area since the 1600s) are also well known. Twice yearly one may attend the "Cannstatter Wasen", a local beer festival which is second only in size to the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich.

Famous People from Stuttgart

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