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The term scientism is a relatively newly coined word that refers to certain epistemologies based on science. The word has several different meanings:

Here, 'science' is held to be the ultimate recourse in questions of public policy and even religion.

This viewpoint is typified by comments, such as 'Science demonstrates that it is useless (or useful) to use seatbelts in cars' or 'Science has shown that religion is wrong' or 'Science shows that capitalism (or communism or socialism) is correct.' In the case of such views as Marxism (and most types of totalitarian rationales) such views are also called historicism, relying on a 'scientific' analysis of inevitable historical patterns.

This viewpoint is typified by comments, such as 'there is one and only one method of science' or 'there is one and only one way to conduct valid scientific research' as well as by attempts to limit intellectual debate to the hegemony of the established position of the scientific community. Medical Scientism defines the term scientism in this sense of how valid medical research is supposed to be conducted.

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