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Religions: The world has many religions and cults and below is a list of all important religions of the world. Most of these religions have over 10 million followers. Also find links to all the major sites for these faiths.

Also see Religion, List of religions, Belief, Sacred text

A: B: Buddhism founded in 483BC

C: Christianity founded in year 0000- Also see Christ, Catholicism, Protestants, Orthodox, Bible, New Testament

D: E: F: G:

H: Hinduism founded in 6000 BC- Also see Hindu, Vedas, Vishnu, Upanishad

I: Islam founded in 643- See Also Muhammed, Quran, Allah, Muslims

J: Judaism founded in 350BC

and Jainism found in 1500BC

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S: Sikhism founded in 1469 - See also Nanak, Sikh, SGGS, Golden Temple

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