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Pulau Tekong

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Pulau Tekong is the largest island of Singapore's outlying islands (aside from the main island). It is found off Singapore's northeastern coast, but is actually nearer to Johor, Malaysia than the main island of Singapore itself. Land reclamation works are currently undergoing off the southern part of the island. Malaysia has referred the reclamation issue to international arbitration under the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The island is used exclusively as a training base for Singaporean males attending National Service. As such, it is a lively site for the cultural production and reproduction of Singaporean military discourse, especially as the location of the myriad "ghost stories" that make up a vital part of the Singaporean conscription experience.

Famous tropes include: the hot spring in the North East Permatang area, whose water should not be transported back to camp, the mysterious lady sitting on a Jacob's Ladder combing her hair, the floating Pontianak caught on security footage in 2001 at the Ammo Dump and of course the infamous Charlie Company's 3 door bunk, installed as a spiritual channel for the ghost of the recruit who was haunting Charlie barracks. This particular recruit was said to be MIA on a route march, only to be found after consulting a spiritual medium on a crossroads near Permatang with his organs neatly laid out, military inspection style ("stand by body" is the expression, borrowing from "stand by rifle" as the command to lay out rifle parts for a rifle inspection).

As with all ghost stories, this last one is highly syncretic and is renegotiated and recast with every single telling, leading to much nostalgia for reservists who habitually try (but fail) to pin down an authoritative version every single time the topic is raised.

Pulau Tekong was recently the hiding place in early 2004 for three Indonesian armed robbers who fled from Malaysia, unwittingly sparking off a massive, coordinated manhunt. They were later charged with illegal entry and possession of firearms.

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