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Phaleron Bay

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Faliron Bay, (Phaleron Bay) is a bay almost 8 km directly SW of Athens overlooking Andreas Syngrou Avenue. The bay is surrounded by Poseidonos Avenue along with Kallithea in the north and Faliron in the east. and is in the northeastern part of the Saronic Gulf. Its size is around 3 to 4 km². Green forests of (kind?) surrounds the eastern part and rocks covers the northern part. Cephisus River is in the west and a new extensive land for an Olympic site is now surrounding the northwestern part.

About 3,000 years ago, there were ceremonies related with the Eleusinian Mysteries on 16th Boedromion with the celebrants washing themselves in the sea at Phaleron.

The bay includes the harbor of Faliron in the south which includes hundreds of small boats, and a beach in the west. The harbor has been visited by two USS ships; the USS San Marcos (LSD-25), and USS Chester (CA-27).

North is abandoned castle and a house which was torn down by a construction of a 3-lane highway linking Piraeus and Athens and to connect with Syngrou Avenue in the 1970s. One of the building was set on fire, but plans for restoration in 2002 was a plan. The second happened in the 1990s, and this one was protecting the small mounument near an interchange.