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Peter Falk

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Peter Falk (born September 16, 1927) is an American actor.

Best known for his role in the long-running TV series Columbo, in which he played the title role --a shabby, seemingly slow-witted police detective. Columbo inevitably solved his cases through close attention to tiny inconsistencies in a suspect's story, hounding them until they confessed. Columbo's signature technique was to exit the scene of an interview, invariably stopping in the doorway to ask "just one more thing" of a suspect, which always brought to light the key inconsistency.

Falk is also loved for his brilliant performance in the high-brow comedy, The In-Laws. Falk played a crazed CIA agent who dupes his in-law, a New York City dentist, into joining a scheme to rob the U.S. Treasury and take down an equally crazed Latin-American dictator.

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