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Password game

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Password game
Password is a popular spoken guessing games that encourages deductive reasoning and creativity.


To begin, one player is chosen to be "it". That player thinks of a target word, which can be any word. Then "it" gives all other players a one-word hint. The hint must not include, or be a variant of, the target word. (For instance, if the target word was "doghouse", hints such as "houses" or "doggy" would be illegal, but "puppy" would be legal.)

Each other player in turn attempts to guess the target word. If no player guesses correctly, "it" contitues giving one-word hints until a player says the target word. That player becomes "it" for the next round.

Television and commercial versions

A scene from a Password gameshow
Password was a television game show on CBS that aired from 1961 to 1967. It was reincarnated on ABC from 1971 to 1975, and on November 18, 1974, Password All-Stars was introduced, with only celebrities playing for charity. Other versions, such as Super Password and Password +Plus soon followed.

A commercial version of Password was first introduced in 1962, and many versions have been released since then. Some boxed sets attempted to simulate a particular television version.