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Pakkins' Land

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Pakkins' Land is the popular title of the epic all-ages fantasy story created by husband and wife team, Gary and Rhoda Shipman. Originating as a critically hailed comic book series, the story was written by the pair with Gary Shipman illustrating the series.

PakkinsĂ’ Land tells the adventuresome and engaging tale of Paul, a young boy who finds himself in a magical world filled with talking animals, mystery and excitement.

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The work is (thus far) composed of 4 volumes:


Publication history

1995 saw the first appearance of Pakkins' Land in the form of xeroxed copied issues called ashcans. Because of the nature of these first three issues being creator-produced, they were very low-edition, and as such have since become extremely rare.

In October 1996 the independent comic book company, Caliber Comics, began publishing the first of the six issue monthly series (including republishing the ashcan editions), Pakkins' Land: Paul's Adventure, as it's flagship title in launching an all-ages imprint, Tapestry.

In June 1997 Tapestry published the stand-alone Pakkins' Land Issue # 0, to serve as a prolouge to the Pakkins' Land series.

With the first six-issue story arc concluded, in August 1997 Caliber began publishing (under its own label after dissolving the Tapestry imprint) the second six-issue installment of the series, Pakkins' Land: Quest For Kings, which continued the overall story. Issue # 1 was published with two variant covers, one which featured the art of Jeff Smith of Bone fame.

In September 1997 the Pakkins' Land stories were further serialized in short offshoot stories as a full-color weekly comic strip at online comics' retailer,

In October 1997 Caliber repackaged the entire six issues of Pakkins' Land: Paul's Adventure and the Pakkins' Land Issue # 0, publishing it as a trade paperback entitled: Pakkins' Land: Paul's Adventure.

In November 1997, with Issue # 3, Pakkins' Land: Quest For Kings began a bi-monthly publishing schedule.

In April 1998 Caliber began publishing Pakkins' Land: Forgotten Dreams. Caliber ultimately published only three issues of the four issue series.

In December 1998 Caliber published A Caliber Christmas which featured a seven-page Pakkins' Land story, entitled: Pakkins' Land: Christmas Remembered.

In March 2000 Image Comics published a larger-sized Issue # 4, which wrapped up the Pakkins' Land: Forgotten Dreams story arc.

In 2000 Pakkins' Land Volume One: Paul's Adventure, Revised Edition ISBN 0970024118 was published as a trade paperback by the Shipman's own creator owned publishing imprint, Pakkins Presents. The graphic novel features a revised look at the first six-issue series, including additional new art and writing.

In 2001 the trade paperbacks Pakkins' Land Volume Two: Quest For Kings ISBN 0970024126 and Pakkins' Land Volume Three: Forgotten Dreams ISBN 0970024134 were published by Pakkins Presents.

In April 2003 the trade paperback Pakkins' Land Volume Four: Tavitah ISBN 0970024142 was published by Pakkins Presents.


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