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Metroid Zero Mission

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Metroid: Zero Mission is a pert of the Metroid series of games. Like the others, it features intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran as the main, and only, playable character.

Table of contents
1 General Mechanics
2 The Metroids
3 Items and Objects
4 Music and Graphics
5 Extras

General Mechanics

This game was made as a retelling of the story of the original Metroid game for NES, and most players will recognise the general layout as being very similar. However, many new items, areas, and minibosses have been added as well as an entirely new area near the end of the game. At first glance, it appears to be a linear game, forcing the player to acquire certian items in a certian order. However, careful explanation of the environment allows for the player to disregard a large part of this ordering. This technique has been termed "Sequence Breaking," and makes it possible, if very difficult, to finish the game collecting only 9% of the items. Progress can be saved only in certian rooms, called, appropriately, "Save rooms", and marked on the in-game map with an S.

The Metroids

The appearance of Metroids themselves in this game is similar to the original Metroid. Metroids appear only in Tourain, the lair of the original final boss, Mother Brain, and only in the original "toothed jellyfish" form.

Items and Objects

Many powerups and items make reappearances from the older games in the series, with similar uses and effects. All power-ups from previous games except for the Spider Ball, Grappling Beam, X-Ray Scope, Ice and Diffusion Missles, Boost Ball, Phazon Suit, and Phazon Beam are available in this game. The various visor upgrades from Metroid: Prime are unnecessary and therefore unavailable. The Hi-Jump Boots and Spring Ball are now one item, as are the Wave and Spazer beams. The only new item is the Power Grip, which allows Samus to cling to ledges, an ability that she had innately in . The Wall Jump technique is usable in this game, on one or two walls, as is the Shinespark, Samus's Speed Booster-powered super jump.

Music and Graphics

The music is very similar to the original game, remixed for the Game Boy Advance's higher quality sound. The graphics are akin to Super Metroid, 2D sidescroller style.


A feature unique to this game of the Metroid series is the ability to unlock extra stuff, such as an emulation of the original NES Metroid, and a sound test, by completing the game on different difficulty levels. Using a GBA to GBA game link cable, this game can link to Metroid: Fusion, and any ending images seen on the Fusion game will be avaliable for view on the Zero Mission cartridge.