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List of English words of Portuguese origin

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This is a list of English words borrowed from Portuguese:

;albacore: from albacor via Arabic al-bukr (="the young camels") ;auto-da-fé, a judicial ÑactÒ or sentence of the Inquisition: from auto da fé (="act of faith") ;bossa nova: (= "new tendency" or "new wave") ;capitao, a head-man, leader of a gang, etc., in Africa.:from capitão (="captain") ;carnauba: from carnauba ;caste: from casta, also possibly from Spanish ;cocoa: from coco ;cow-tree, a tree abundant in a milk-like juice: from palo de vaca (="tree of cow") ;grouper: from garupa ;lambada: from lambada (="beating, lashing") ;macaw: from macao ;mandarin: from mandarim via Malay mantri via Hindi matri via Sanskrit mantrin (="counsellor") ;mango: from manga via Malay mangga ;maraca: from maracá via Tupi ;molasses: from melaço ;pagoda: from pagode ;palaver, a chat: from palavra (="word") ;piranha: from piranha via Tupi pira nya (="scissors") ;sable-fish: from savel ;samba: from samba, ultimately of African origin ;tank :from tanque ;veranda :from varanda (="balcony" or "railing"), via Hindi varanda or Bengali baranda ;yam :from inhame via West African nyama (="eat")

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