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List of Doctor Who serials

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This is a list of Doctor Who television serials. Each serial was a multi-episode storyline; numbers in brackets after the serial titles indicate the number of episodes in the serial. Unless otherwise noted, episodes were 25 minutes long.

Table of contents
1 William Hartnell
2 Patrick Troughton
3 Jon Pertwee
4 Tom Baker
5 Peter Davison
6 Colin Baker
7 Sylvester McCoy
8 Paul McGann
9 Christopher Eccleston

William Hartnell

Note that for the early Hartnell years, each episode of a serial had an individual title; no serial had an overall onscreen title until "The Savages". The earlier stories did have overall titles though they were not used onscreen and a lot of confusion has existed over the years, with many sources using different titles due to early fandom and reference works being unable to initially access the production files.

Season 1 (1963-64)

Season 2 (1964-65)

Season 3 (1965-66)

(From this point onwards the stories had overall onscreen titles.)

Season 4 (1966-67)

Patrick Troughton

Season 4 (1966-67)

Season 5 (1967-68)

Season 6 (1968-69)

Jon Pertwee

Season 7 (1970)

Season 8 (1971)

Season 9 (1972)

Season 10 (1972-73)

Season 11 (1973-74)

Tom Baker

Season 12 (1974-75)

Season 13 (1975-76)

Season 14 (1976-77)

Season 15 (1977-78)

Season 16 (1978-79)

Season 17 (1979-80)

Season 18 (1980-81)

Peter Davison

Season 19 (1982)

Season 20 (1983)

Season 21 (1984)

Colin Baker

Season 21 (1984) - continued

Season 22 (1985) (all episodes 45 minutes)

Season 23 (1986)

The title "The Ultimate Foe" has been applied to two different serials within the story.

Sylvester McCoy

Season 24 (1987)

Season 25 (1988)

Season 26 (1989)

Paul McGann

TV Movie (1996)

No title was ever used for this project other than "Doctor Who", which is highly confusing in a listing of this nature. However "Enemy Within" was suggested as an alternative title by one of the producers and has been used by many fans lacking any other title by which to refer to the telemovie.

Christopher Eccleston

Season 27? (2005)

It's not yet clear whether this season will be officially labelled Season 27 by the production team. Each episode will be 45 minutes. Information below subject to change.