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Kris Roe

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Kristopher James Roe was born in 1978 in Anderson, Indiana

He is the singer and the guitarist of the group The Ataris. They formed in 1995. He dropped out of highschool, and currently resides in Santa Barbara, California.

He is married to Denise Roe (who he writes songs about frequently) and they have one daughter about whom he wrote the The Saddest Song in which he and Ataris bass player - Mike Davenport - send apologetic pleas to their children to forgive them for not being around as they grow up, due to them being on tour so much.

Kris is also famous for the level of maturity with which he writes and delivers lyrics. It seems so strange to find such nostalgia within someone who is so young.

"In a lot of my lyrics," Kris reveals, "I like to encode a lot of hidden messages and whatnot. I like our fans to read into things. I feel that our fans are smart and I don't want to give them just a bunch of surface lyrics that you can take at face value."

Kris founded the group when he sent a demo tape to Vandals bass player - Joey Escalante - who was so impressed by Kris' material, that he asked Roe to put together a full band, and so in search of band members, Kris moved to California. 

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