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George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2004

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George W. Bush

This article is about the current and ongoing presidential campaign of George W. Bush, the incumbent President of the United States. See George W. Bush for a detailed biography and information about his current presidency, and George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2000 for a description of his first presidential campaign.

George W. Bush's major opponent is Democratic Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, whose primary campaign was successful in securing the majority of Democratic delegate votes. For his presidential campaign, see John Kerry presidential campaign, 2004.

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1 Early fundraising
2 Television advertising
3 Vice Presidential Choices
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Early fundraising

President Bush, facing no major challengers for the 2004 Republican presidential nomination, had an early advantage in fundraising, and raised over $130 million before early March 2004, when John Kerry emerged as the Democrats' presumptive nominee. Bush's fundraising totals were greater than all of the Democratic candidates during the Democratic primaries combined.

Television advertising

9/11 Campaign Controversy

Bush's campaign lauched its first major set of television commercials on March 3, 2004. Although these four spots (three in English and one in Spanish) contained no reference to Senator Kerry, two (one in English and the one in Spanish, both titled, "Safer, Stronger") generated controversy for their inclusion of four seconds of images drawn from the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, including the wreckage of the World Trade Center site, images of New York firefighters (the New York firefighters' union supported Kerry), and the image of a flag-draped coffin being carried out of the attack site.[1]

Families of victims accused the Bush campaign of being insensitive to the memory of those who died and of exploiting the tragedy for his personal political gain. Bush campaign advisor Karen Hughes defended the ads as "very tasteful" and noted that 9/11 was a defining event for Bush's presidency.

While there is not just two sides to this obviously heated controversy, some victims families claiming insensitive campaigning. Rita Lasar, who is with the Peaceful Tomorrows group having lost her own brother, spoke out to the media claiming that Bush had promised to not use the site for gain.

The main topic of this heated discussion is the use of actual images of the attack. The use of images from the attack, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a Democrat, said on Face the Nation, implies support from New York firefighters. Rendell claims that a New York firefighters union head supports Kerry for President.

Vice Presidential Choices

George W. Bush is planning to have Dick Cheney again as his running mate, but many experts say that Bush will do better if he drops Cheney. Speculation about vice presidential possibilities (besides Cheney) have included:

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