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Frasier Crane

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Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane is a fictional character played by Kelsey Grammer in the sitcoms Cheers and Frasier. He has played Frasier for twenty years, tying James Arness as Matt Dillon on the show Gunsmoke as the longest time to play a character on TV. Grammer has stated that 2004 will be the last year he will be playing Dr. Crane.

Dr. Crane is a wealthy psychiatrist, with expensive tastes and a snobbish, uptight demeanour. His large ego and Harvard education makes him believe he is an extremely qualified advice-giver, and often meddles in other people's relationships, much to the chagrin of his family and friends. Though he can often be overbearing and annoying, Dr. Crane's pompous demeanour hides an inner desire to please everyone around him. As a child he was frequently an outcast, so his adult life has been marked by a strong desire to be included and loved by everyone.

Frasier's character was initally introduced on Cheers in 1984 as a new boyfriend for Diane Chambers. They would become fiances, but Diane left Frasier at the alter. Despite of this, Frasier became a regular at the bar. He would go on to marry Lilith Sternin and have a son, Fredrick Gaylord Crane in 1989. Frasier and Lilith divorced in 1993.

His father is Martin Crane. While Frasier was in Boston, he had a bad relationship with his father, so he told his friends at Cheers that his father was dead. Nor did he tell them about his younger brother, fellow psychiatrist Niles Crane. Frasier and Niles' mother, Dr. Hester Crane, died years earlier. It is claimed that Hester named her sons after her two favorite lab rats.

After Martin was shot, he became increasingly feeble. Frasier moved back to Seattle, Washington to be with him, and Niles encouraged Frasier to live permanently with their father. The arrangement was initally tense, but was greatly relaxed after Frasier hired Daphne Moon as a live-in physical therapist for his father.

Dr. Crane's personal life has been quite unstable, leading some to argue he does not always practice the same high morals that he preaches. While he lived in Boston, Massachusetts, he was married twice and left at the altar once, with each marriage ending in divorce. Hoping to re-start his life he moved back with his father in Seatle, but this new life has been equally plagued with a series of troubled relationships.

Dr. Crane is very passionate about psychiatry. A staunch freudian, he strongly believes that there "are no accidents" and that every action carries with it a meaningful and unconscious subtext. He is a big fan of analyizing dreams, as well.