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Figure painting

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Figure painting is the application of a human body into material using paint. This portrayal of the human body can express the full range of a man's emotions. At one point in our lives we have all painted the human figure; whether we did this as children, or are artists.

We instantly identify wih the figure. By looking into the eyes we see the basic feeling of the piece. The bodies gesture can illustrate activity, lack of activity, sadness, happiness, and the full range of such.

Paint application is up to the artist. It can be applied differently to convey certain emotions. Color is also used for to push the feeling. Dark colors seem to create a somber mood in the piece, while lighter colors are uplifting.

The human body can be portrayed abstractly, or true to it's form. The figure always tells a story. Once finished, the artist's work will often be interpreted in ways that he or she did not intend.