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The title Doctor (abbreviated Dr.) is used in the United States and Germany for most people holding a doctorate. In some other countries, such as France, it is generally not used except for physicianss and thus has become a synonym for "physician". In certain countries, for members of certain professions, the title of doctor may be used even when the academic qualification of doctorate is not held: for instance, in Italy, for holders of a Laureate.

In many countries, medical doctors are almost exclusively referred to as "doctors" (although surgeons in some parts of the world are called "mister"). In some countries dentists are also referred to as doctor.

While the Juris Doctor or J.D is a professional doctorate, legal convention stipulates that lawyers do not use the title. Laywers who hold another doctorate such as the J.S.D (Doctor of Juristic Science), L.Sc.D (Doctor of the Science of Law), or the LL.D (Doctor of Laws) may use the title of doctor.

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