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Conspiracy is the act of working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. In United States v. Shabani (1994) the US Supreme Court ruled: "...Congress intended to adopt the common law definition of conspiracy, which does not make the doing of any act other than the act of conspiring a condition of liability..." This ruling indicates that conspiracy, without any further action, can be criminal. Note that a "conspiracy", as a legal term in the US, doesn't require more than one person. There are, in many nations, explicit crimes of conspiracy to commit murder et cetera.

See also: conspiracy theory


It is generally accepted that conspire comes from the
Latin roots con, with, and spirare, to breatheƗso to conspire literally means 'to breathe together'.

Conspiracy is an album by a heavy metal group called King Diamond.

Conspiracy is also the name of an episode of .