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Comparative musicology

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OK, let's begin. Good to see you 'visitor' who, like I was -one minute before- were attracted by the "concept"

contribution is "to come" , as I was looking around for some existing pieces of any tool kit (on the concept side or its implementation on the screen).

The fact is that Music is A (one of) langages.

And that each of us "Amateurs unt Connoissors" - is learning "His way" of earing it

(to ear is like "to see" , means to "entendre" or to understand (which is under understood)

Hence, you must build your own musical notebook by attaching to the pieces:

befor you share you collect: tunes, arias, melodic elements, harmonic sequence musical objects of all kind ans dimension (you are the user) that have a meaning for you. and you annotate the piece then you can start the player(clic) and during the play and refine/enrich "your musical notebook".

Some ideas in the next connection