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Canadian Grand Prix

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Canadian Grand Prix course

Route of the Gilles Villeneuve Canadian Grand Prix circuit in Montreal

Canadian Grand Prix
G. Fisichella, M. Schumacher and E. Irvine on the podium of the 1998 Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix (FR: Grand Prix du Canada), is a Formula 1 auto race held in Canada since 1967. It was staged in Bowmanville, Ontario or Saint-Jovite, Quebec until 1978 when Montreal became its regular home.

The first winner in Montreal was Quebec native, Gilles Villeneuve who died in 1982 on the final qualifying lap for the Belgian Grand Prix. The race course in Montreal has been named after him.

Because of tobacco legislations, new venues, and a maximum of 17 races on the schedule, the Canadian Grand Prix was preliminarily removed from the 2004 F1 schedule. However, Canadian officials were able to raise enough money to keep a Grand Prix race, with the FIA allowing expansion to an 18 race schedule.

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