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Canadian Centre for Architecture

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The Canadian Centre for Architecture is an architecture museum and research centre located in Montreal, Canada.

It is housed in a building made up of the historical Shaughnessy mansion, which faces René Lévesque boulevard, and an ultra modern low lying construction which faces Baile street and presents the museum entrance. Most of the rooms of the Shaughnessy mansion have been restored to their original 1874 state.

The centre offers tours adapted to specific groups and educational programs for children.

It has vast collections of books and artefacts touching all aspects of the built environment and certain aspects of industrial design. Within the general collections it has special collections such as those pertaining to architectural games for children, universal exhibitions and their architecture, and famous Canadian architects such as Ernest Cormier.

The centre puts on regular shows of different aspects of its collections, and hosts touring exhibits from other museums. It also has an extensive bookstore and well planned gardens. The part of the garden which lies across René Lévesque boulevard offers a full scale ghost-like lower shell of the bottom part of the Shaughnessy mansion, and assorted modernistic sculptures or constructs which are developed around the theme of architecture.

Its considerable research library is open by appointment only, to accredited scholars.