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Bush family conspiracy theory

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The Bush family conspiracy theory is an umbrella term used to describe various conspiracy theory allegations of participation of the family of President George W. Bush, including the President's brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, their brother Neil Bush, their father and ex-President George H. W. Bush, grandfather Prescott Bush, and great-grandfather George Herbert Walker.

Some allege criminal conspiracies involving United States multinational corporations and vested interests, US government organizations, and various dictators. While some attach great importance to suggested links which connect individuals and companies, others dismiss some or all of the conspiracy theories as fantasy and claim that these connections are normal for business families and do not imply wrongdoing or negative intent.

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These conspiracy theories sometimes refers to the alleged secret organization with pejorative terms: Bush League, Bush Buddies, or Texas Taliban. The first is a pun on the baseball term "bush league"— minor league amateurs, or an allusion to George W. Bush's experience with the Texas Rangers baseball team. The others are alliterative.

Owing to the fact the Bush family has provided the last two Republican presidents, there may be a confusion of family conspiracy with what is actually normal political maneuvering. (Similarly, the Kennedy family has produced a number of political and public figures.) Additionally, members of the Bush family are politically and economically prominent, so it is natural that they have connections to other major political and business figures, some of whom have inevitably unsavory reputations.

A number of allegations have been made about different members of the Bush family at different times: it is difficult to discuss these allegations as a whole. Listed below are assorted allegations and rebuttals, but any serious consideration of these allegations should be made on a strictly individual basis. Allegations range from ones widely regarded as specious and unsubstantiated, to those considered by some as likely or even proven. Some allegations have received considerable mainstream attention and debate.

Allegations/conspiracy theories


The following are the parts of known history which have led people (see references) to make further unproven claims (see allegations above).

Response to allegations

Critics of the theory allege that its proponents mispresent events as part of the theory.

As a result, critics of  Bush family conspiracy theories see them as a string of unconnected claims which have at most circumstantial evidence but which contains no hard evidence of any longterm conspiracy.

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