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Apple QuickTake

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QuickTake 200 Front
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The QuickTake was an early digital camera, designed and marketed by Apple Computer. Launched in 1994, the product line had a relatively short lifespan, with only three models×the 100 model, 150 model, and the redesigned 200 model. Each had a modest resolution×just 640 x 480 pixels maximum, but they featured the simple usability that Apple is known for, and were a glimpse into the future of photography.

The camera attached to a Macintosh computer using a serial interface (it predated the adoption of USB), and was bundled with software that tightly integrated it into the operating system, representing the camera as a volume on the desktop which, in later models, opened into a direct preview image window. Physically QuickTake 100 and 150 units resembled a pair of binoculars, though with only a single lens of course, and very simple operating controls. The QuickTake 200 featured a more typical point-and-shoot camera design. The QuickTake was deleted from Apple's list of products in 1996 as part of a huge rationalisation of the company's products×at the same time Apple also stopped manufacturing printerss and scanners and other non-core peripheral devices.